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Hello everyone! My name is Cristina Seal and I am a natural light and studio photographer centering my passion around children and families in the Houston, TX area, as well as McAllen, TX and the Rio Grande Valley.  I enjoy lifestyle portraiture and capturing real life in a creative, fun and natural way that takes a photograph further than being just a picture.
I'm a mom to two crazy toddler girls that you'll see a lot of. They fill my world with daily deep belly laughs, threenager drama and non-stop activity. I've got a super fantastic hubby who's that best friend/soulmate/total keeper kinda guy, and I'm also a dog mom to our ten-year-old beagle/terrier mix, Sunny Girl. 
Beyond being a photographer, I see myself as a storyteller. Anyone can take a picture of what your child looks like, but I revel in the moments of capturing who your child truly IS. Do they have a quirky, toothless smile right now? Are they the loud and rowdy type or soft and shy? Do they bite their lip a certain way or have to wear that same outfit day in and day out? (You know the one.) Did they give themselves a terrible haircut that you'd like to have documented in a fun way? 
I love what makes these little human beings so innocent and unique and I want to capture these memories for families to hold on to. I love capturing their little personalities for families to enjoy for years to come, and even more so when mom and dad join in on the mix. Years from now, once those littles aren't so little, you'll wish you had jumped in on a few shots, trust me.
It's easy to stress over so many moments in life, but there are always those fun, photo-worthy moments to cherish that will forever stand still once photographed. Families go through seasons, and sometimes, you just have to embrace those cheesy smiles, those dresses that have been worn a thousand times, or that patch of hair that sticks straight up. Capturing these seasons of life, no matter how "imperfect" they may seem, is so fantastic to me. I aim for clients that embrace their seasons.
"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorothea Lange



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