Our First Studio Holiday Minis!

Hello, everyone



Hope you all had a great holiday break and an easy transition back into the daily routine of work, school and life. It was an enjoyable season for me and my family but I'm oh-so happy to be back to our normal schedules. And even with all the craziness that most holiday breaks bring, I can't help but reflect on all of the good that happened in 2019; it was definitely a year of growth, excitement and all things kids and babies. I'm so ready to dive right back into work this month and anxiously await on a few new babies that will be visiting in the next couple of weeks.

It's a little overdue with this post but I wanted to share a bit from my first ever Studio Holiday Minis and also say THANK YOU to all of those families that stopped by and joined in on the fun. I had a really great time with each and every kiddo and parent and I already have setup ideas for next year - yay!


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