Getting Out There More - Yikes!

Welp, I've gone "ALL IN" with Shoot & Share this year - one of the largest free and fair photography contests out there and it feels pretty good. Last year, 150,000 people were involved, 330,116 photos were submitted, there were 60+ MILLION contest votes and 159 countries were involved - WOW!!

This year, I'm a teeeeeenie tiny little part of a large number of people that submitted the max of 50 photos into 25 various categories and, although my hopes aren't even the slightest bit high of placing, it's exciting to put myself out there a bit. A LOT of bit! There were some AMAAAAAAZING winners last year and I know this year will be just as jaw-dropping. Hoping to fill my 2018 with more creative and wonderfully-made images for next year's contest.


OH!...and I earned some pretty rad badges in the process, AND received a pretty cool camera canvas bag for being one of the first 3,000 people to go all in - wohoo!

Voting will begin on February 1st, so i'll post a link soon.

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