Pinkerton Brothers

Y'all! These brothers.....❤️❤️

Teddy & Ben are two peas in a pod and some of the sweetest I've ever met (and their momma's pretty great, too.) We spent some time running around Rice University and checked out the Moody Center for the Arts exhibits on campus - these two kept me on my toes! It was so fun to hang with some boys for a change and capture a bit of their world.

Outings like these, and what may be routine for most families, are some of my favorites to document. Day-in-the-life sessions can be at home, a favorite ice cream shop, your neighborhood park or even a new place that everyone gets to experience together...I just come along for the ride to snap some of those authentic giggles, those rare sibling love moments and even a too-cool-for-school toddler pose or two.

If you're interested in a day-in-the-life session, feel free to contact me! These are usually the least stressful and let your family just be themselves - that's my favorite thing about 'em.

Hope everyone is having a super weekend! We're off to ballet.

Oh, and if you haven't checked out Moody Center for the Arts on the Rice University campus, I highly recommend it. Scanavino's colorful Repeater just wrapped up on the 7th but teamLab's Flowers & People will be up through December...AND IT'S ALL FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!

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