Abasov Bump, Big Brother and a Harvey Delivery

This Belly Art Session - AHHHH!

This was soooo much fun and I'm way overdue on sharing.

Sarah, Anar and big brother Aaron were such an amazing family to photograph during this not-too-hot evening in July. During our consultation, I had the chance to meet sweet soon-to-be big brother Aaron and could tell he was ready to take on his new role. He was such a doll in front of my camera and it didn't take long for him to warm up to the idea of decorating mommy's belly once I pulled out my bag of colorful finger paints - he was ALL about it. There were so many laughs between these three and that bright rainbow colored belly.

Since photographing this Belly Art Session, momma has given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Luke, who is nothing short of a miracle. He truly is a one in a million as he was born around the solar eclipse, during the 800 year flood that followed Hurricane Harvey, and also born with a rare heart defect.

Sarah was just days away from her due date, and as that date inched closer, her anxiety grew knowing that the record-breaking amount of rain that was falling could possibly keep her from making it to the hospital in time. Soon after going into labor at home, with God's miraculously perfect timing, the roads to the hospital cleared just enough to bring Baby Luke into this big, bright world just one hour after arrival. He landed into the hands of an amazing team of doctors that worked tirelessly overnight, and within 30 hours of delivery, they were able to find his heart defect. Luke had open heart surgery within 48 hours of birth and has made it through some very critical periods in these last two weeks. He is definitely a fighter and continues to improve daily as he is now mostly off of his medications, off his ventilator and can now be held in the arms of his loving parents. Continued thoughts and prayers for this wonderful family with hope of leaving the hospital very soon.

I can't wait to meet him.

Luke means 'light' and they hope he grows to be a light for so many in his life.

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