Official move-in date: TODAY!

We're finally moving into our first Houston home!

After renting a beautiful home in SW Houston for our first year, we're settling in The Heights and we're pretty confident we're gonna love it. These photos are super duper special to me as they are our first family photos in our new home, making us official Houstonians, as they document a new beginning for us.

After closing, the girls (and us too) couldn't wait to jump into the new pool, so, we quickly packed a few things and got to swimming...but first, mommy had to snap a few photos. The only thing we had in the house was a suitcase, which I used as a tripod, and set the 10 second timer and jumped right in. It took a couple of tries for the family shots but I got what I was hoping for.

Here's to The Heights - The Seals have arrived!

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