Hello, everyone! LOTS of new things happening over here and I think it's time to share: new personal portfolio images, new galleries, new on-site blog, a HOUSTON contact phone number and a coming-soon headshot session to post...with front of the camera - AHHH! Even new business cards on the way that I can't wait to distribute and use to connect with families in the Houston area.

After shooting a variety of sessions, I have fallen hard for lifestyle photography; in-home, especially! From maternity and newborn, to family, fur babies and just a good ol''s definitely a new direction that I want to go in as I just find something so special about you being in your own space, with your own belongings all around, doing and living life, all while I capture the now moments. Nursery rooms become toddler rooms way too quickly, kiddos jumping from bed to bed doesn't go on forever, and those favorite front stoop evenings won't happen too often once high school days come around. The now is so important to me and I want to give that back to my clients.

I still LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting the open fields, fun parks and the busy backdrops of an urban setting, but i'm sooo looking forward to more in-home lifestyle sessions in the future. If you know of anyone looking for a photographer in the Houston area, please send them my way as I'm eager to get to know some new families and their life's journey.

I worked hard on this new site and hope you enjoy browsing. I'll be bringing new images to my website galleries soon, and minor tweaks are still happening, so make sure to pop in again!


(new lifestyle sample shots below © Seal Photography 2017)

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